70 years of LfA also means 70 years of future. With its financing, LfA Förderbank Bayern has strengthened small and medium-sized enterprises, opened up opportunities for start-ups and improved the infrastructure in municipalities.

The LfA Magazine shows the people and the stories behind the financings. In the anniversary issue, a representative company was highlighted and portrayed for each decade of the company's history.

For the 2000s, for example, the Bamberg Malthouse. The company converted production and expanded in 2008 / 2009. The conversion was financed with a loan from the LfA Förderbank Bayern. In return, certain conditions had to be met, such as reducing CO2 emissions from production. A changeover that paid off: customer satisfaction is high and the malt house now supplies over 1,000 breweries worldwide.

  • Malt is tipped through grid
  • Managing Directors Bamberg Malting Rudi Gläser and Markus Burteisen
  • Insight into the production of brewing malt
    Photos: Marian Lenhard

The highlight of the issue is the infographic "70 years, 70 things": It can be opened via an altar fold in the middle of the magazine and extends over four pages when unfolded. It shows 70 things that were created with the help of LfA financing.

For a special page on the anniversary of LfA Förderbank Bayern, the infographic has been edited and brought to life.

  • Infographic on the occasion of LfA's anniversary
    Illustration: Carolin Eitel
Interview with Dr. Otto Beierl
Photo: Sebastian Arlt

In an interview, Dr. Otto Beierl also gives a positive assessment. The long-serving Chairman of the Board of Management is retiring. In an interview on the occasion of his anniversary, he talks about the most incisive experience of his time at LfA, the future of the development bank and sustainability.

The full interview, the entire history of the Bamberg malting plant and many other company portraits can be found in the anniversary issue. You can also find the main content of the issue online at lfa.de/magazine.

Cover LfA Magazin 02/2021
Read the full story here LfA Anniversary Edition

Storyboard has been producing the customer magazine of LfA Förderbank Bayern since 2016. Twice a year, the state development institute of the Free State of Bavaria uses the magazine to provide information about news and financing opportunities. For the 70th anniversary in 2021, we produced a special issue expanded to 44 pages with success stories.