BORA stands for fun in cooking. And what can't be missing? Exactly, music! In issue 02/2021, our authors Ayla Amschlinger and Anna Karolina Stock talked to BORA fans, amateur and star chefs about the right music for cooking and eating, and answered the question: What kind of music does a fish roll actually sound like?

Star chef Andreas Senn
Photo: Lukas Jahn

Andreas Senn

The top Austrian chef, who has been awarded two Michelin stars and four toques, stands for innovative, light cuisine. In May 2020, SENNS.Restaurant opened in Salzburg's Gusswerk with a new interior and enjoyment concept: As a tribute to the past, the last bell that was cast here hovers above the tables. A special highlight is also the open kitchen with BORA system, which is located in the middle of the restaurant. This allows guests to literally look over the 41-year-old's shoulder

Do you and your team listen to music while you work?

Of course, all day long.

Which music do you recommend for a meal in a restaurant, which for a cozy dinner with friends?

Music is an important part of a meal, as is the right lighting. It should match the location. Deep house as background music is always uncomplicated.

Star chef Julia Komp
Photo: Marvin Evkuran

Julia Komp

Germany's youngest star chef received her first Michelin star at the age of 27. After winning numerous awards and traveling the world for several months, Komp now runs the fine-dining restaurant "Lokschuppen" and the more casual "Anker 7" in Cologne-Mülheim. While her new creations are Asian-oriental inspired, the musical taste of her cuisine covers (almost) all directions: from Schlager to Latin Pop to Hip-Hop. Cooking is creative work - with all senses.

Do you always listen to music while you cook?

Yes, either the radio is on or some playlist. Otherwise, something is missing. I've been like that since I was at home. My mother used to turn on the radio first thing in the morning. It simply influences your mood. Good music puts you in a much better mood. Especially if you associate a positive experience with the song.

What do you like to listen to most when you're cooking?

In our kitchen, we play everything from German love songs to salsa, carnival music and French rap. What we can't do at all is rock. We have democratically rejected this genre one to ten.

Chef Maximilian Lorenz at the stove
Photo: Maximilian Lorenz

Maximilian Lorenz

As a teenager, the star chef himself enjoyed hip-hop. Today he is the owner of the upscale restaurant "maximilian lorenz" at Cologne Cathedral. The 30-year-old prepares new German flavor cuisine for Blumentopf and Freundeskreis. But that's not all: Lorenz is also up for Italo-pop à la Eros Ramazzotti - especially when it comes to his favorite dish: Spaghetti Bolognese.

Cooking is creative work - with all senses for all senses. What music goes with it?

It depends on whether I'm cooking privately or professionally. During service times, the music is off, because we need the highest possible concentration. During the preparations - the "mise en place" - it's different. There I have chosen the employee with the "best" taste in music (the one closest to mine) to be the kitchen DJ.

You have completely reinterpreted the German fish roll. What music comes to mind?

I think of Udo Lindenberg. Very special from the outside, but when you bite into the fish bun, you know, "This is it. It should never have been any other way." You have the same aha experience when Udo Lindenberg starts singing.

All interviews can be found in issue 02/2021 of the BORA Magazine.

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