Finding skilled workers is not easy. For our client, Stadtwerke München, we have developed various formats to attract new employees to the company. In our summer edition 2020, three working students spoke and reported on their everyday work, their studies and their future plans.

SWM working student Andreas W. in front of the Stadtwerke headquarters in Munich

Andreas W., 31, is studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship Renewable Energies in the Master's program at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. In July he will start as a project trainee at SWM.

What attracted you to your course of study?

"For me, the combination of business and engineering as well as the future-oriented, green technologies were decisive in my choice. Demand on the job market in this field is constantly growing. Furthermore, this Master's degree at the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences is perfect if you want to work as a working student on the side, like me."

What do you like about SWM?

"The SWM supports the exchange between working students* and interns*. For example, there is a joint breakfast every two months or so, and you can take part in excursions to SWM facilities, which I found extremely exciting. One time we went to the combined heat and power plant in the north, another time to water production plants in the south of Munich. You get insights that you don't forget so quickly."

Sarah M., 25, is studying civil engineering for her master's degree at the TU Munich: She will graduate in 2021. She has been working as a student trainee at SWM since 2018.

What are your tasks?

"At present, I support the technical service department in the maintenance of the Munich baths. Whether it's tiles that are broken, joints that need to be replaced or ceilings that need to be checked: we commission companies to carry out the repairs. The work is totally varied. Every day there are new issues to be dealt with."

How do you combine work and studies?

"Every semester we can adjust our working hours according to the lecture schedule and take the necessary time to study during exam periods."

SWM working student Simon B sitting on a wooden bench in front of a red-grey wall

Simon B., 27, graduated in 2020 with a degree in Renewable Energies - Electrical Engineering and has been employed as a technical trainee at SWM since May.

How were you able to join SWM as a working student?

"I was looking for a topic for my bachelor's thesis, my current supervisor at SWM was looking for bachelor's students for electromobility in bus technology. The interview convinced us both."

What do you find attractive about working at SWM?

"The SWM is not only focused on maximizing profits, but also feels committed to the citizens of the city of Munich. I like this idea. In addition, they offer a good work-life balance. Nevertheless, the work is demanding and varied. So it never gets boring."

You can find the complete interview in the magazine M-Puls 02/2020.

Cover of the M-Puls magazine 02/2020
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