Cover der neuen ADAC Motorwelt Frühling 2020

ADAC's long-running Motorwelt magazine continues to cover the topic of mobility, only now with a broader remit: to communicate the priceless feeling of being mobile and on the move. The ADAC's expertise in traffic, travel, motorsport and cars runs through the entire magazine, which offers readers 100 pages of information and services combined with reports, columns, tests and celebrity interviews, for a wide variety of news and entertainment. Regional supplements draw customers closer to the magazine.

With a circulation of 5 million copies, ADAC Motorwelt will appear four times a year. The distribution strategy is also new: from 5th March 2020, the magazine will be available at supermarket checkouts in some 9,100 Edeka and Netto branches across Germany. ADAC members can simply take a copy of the magazine, free of charge, by presenting their club membership card at the checkout.

In each issue, we interview a prominent pair about their personal mobile life. The first issue of the relaunched magazine features actor Elyas M'Barek and director Simon Verhoeven. Both M'Barek and Verhoeven travel frequently for business, and in their new comedy film Nightlife - which Verhoeven directed and M'Barek plays a leading role - cars, from vintage to electric, play an important role. So it was only natural to talk to them about the role of mobility in their lives.

Also in this issue:

  • What will traffic look like in 2025?
  • Happiness is an island: Sicily travel tips
  • All about VW's new electric car, the ID.3

For more information about the new ADAC Motorwelt magazine, visit the ADAC website.