In every issue of ADAC Motorwelt, a prominent double tells the story of their personal mobile life. For the fourth issue of the club magazine, managing editor Gordon Detels met singers Nena and Ina Müller at a riding stable near Lüneburg. A conversation about walking vs. flying, wanderlust, hope and fears. Photographer Charlotte Schreiber portrayed the succesful duo for us.

Ina Müller occasionally rides on Sylt, Nena was last in the saddle as a child. Picture: Charlotte Schreiber

80 kilometres away from each other, two different worlds. An one hour drive south-east of Hamburg you will find the Witt riding stable. In the 100-inhabitant community of Aljarn peace and quiet dominate over hectic city life, silence over noise, no mobile service instead of LTE. The mobile internet ends exactly at the boundary of the property. Checking mails, counting likes on Instagram? No chance. Anyone who goes through the gate has to look for an analogue occupation. Ina Müller discovers an old tractor that reminds her of her childhood and immediately climbs behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Nena supplies Timmy, one of the free-ranging ponies, with food. It couldn't be more relaxed – the perfect conditions for the photo production.

Nena and Ina Müller sitting on bales of straw in a tractor trailer
Picture: Charlotte Schreiber

Nena, if Ina Müller was a car, what kind of model would she be?

Nena: Definitely one with a racing car sound that you can hear from far away. But I can't be so specific about it. For me, a person is a human being and not a car.

Ina Müller: I would see myself as a VW Beetle. Anatomically, but also emotionally. My first car was a beetle. And because there was always something broken, we had a very intense time together.

Nena: I already liked cars in my childhood. That's why I passed my driving licence just in time for my 18th birthday. II really wanted to drive myself. And then in the 1980s I tried out different cars. With some of them I had funny experiences. For example, one day an old, rusty Fiat 500 smiled at me. It cost 400 D-Mark at that time and even still drove. I loved the car. It was so easy to handle: Nobody would have stolen it from me and I never had problems finding a parking space. But when I got out of the car, I often got funny looks like "Can't she afford anything better?” And when I was driving with an Alfa Spider convertible on the Berlin Ku'damm, I was told: "She's really showy!”

Ina: Have you ever driven a Porsche?

Nena: No, not Porsche, but an AC Cobra with 300 PS. Nevertheless, the horsepower was not the most important thing for me. It was mainly the extreme bodywork and the sound of the engine.

Nena and Ina Müller sit on a piano bench in front of the piano and feed a pony with carrots
Pony Timmy comes into the house quite often. Even when no guests are visiting. Picture: Charlotte Schreiber

Ina Müller

Born: On 25th of July 1965 in Köhlen (Geestland) in Lower Saxony
Breakthrough: The graduate pharmaceutical-technical assistant gained her first publicity in 1994 as part of the cabaret duo "Queen Bee". The singer, cabaret artist, presenter and author had her nationwide breakthrough in 2007 with the NDR late-night show "Inas Nacht"
Side note: Ina Müller knows a lot about engines. She already drove tractors when she was five years old


Born: On 24th of March 1960 as Gabriele Susanne Kerner in Hagen, NRW
Breakthrough: Nena’s first song "Nur geträumt" (1982) was already a success in Germany. The successor "99 Luftballons" one year later became a worldwide chart breaker and even made it into the US charts. Nena has sold more than 25 million records so far
Side note: Nena likes to walk backwards through the forest

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