Our founder portraits in the LfA magazine Autumn/Winter 2018 show which creative ideas have already been implemented with the support of the LfA, and we have given the creative minds a very special place in it: With the help of an altar fold, we present four examples of companies that are symbolic of the digital change in Bavaria. Photographer Conny Mirbach portrayed the masterminds for us. In keeping with the spirit of digitalization, we tell the detailed stories behind them online at lfa.de/magazin.

  • Portrait photo of FENECON founder Franz-Josef Feilmeier

Franz-Josef Feilmeier's wish? To change the energy market sustainably. In 2011 he dared to take the leap into self-employment. Today Feilmeier New Energy Consulting, FENECON for short, is the innovation leader for power storage systems and their applications.

  • Sabine Linz, founder of amoonic.de, leans against a shelf in her office

Sabine Linz (im Bild) und Olga Dick verbindet die Liebe zum Einzigartigen – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Mit amoonic.de gründeten die beiden Geschäftsfrauen eine Plattform, auf der User hochwertigen Echtschmuck nach eigenen Wünschen gestalten können.

  • Thomas Kirchner and Paul Günther, founders of Proglove, sitting on a leather sofa in front of a bookshelf

Thomas Kirchner (left) and Paul Günther (right) have everything under control: Proglove's "Wearables" are on the market since 2016. Their product is actually nothing more than a work glove, but it's smart because it has sensors and a scanner. And that makes manual work more efficient, for example in industrial production.

  • Thomas Zauner, founder of Scanline, leans against a red cinema chair in the cinema auditorium

Thomas Zauner and his team make great cinema: from "Tomb Raider" to "Jurassic World" and "Transformers". Scanline has been developing visual effects for films for more than 25 years. Your speciality? Bringing catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions, water floods or collapsing houses to life as a naturalistic simulation on the computer.

Read more about digital progress in the LfA Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018.

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