From "nobody" to one of Denmark's most successful entrepreneurs: If you ask Lennart Lajboschitz about his career, a mischievous smile flits across his face. He is a wonderful storyteller, whether he is reporting on the sale of his internationally successful furnishing empire "Flying Tiger" or presenting his new life project. For BORA, our author Klaudia Meinert spoke with him about his extraordinary apartment hotel "Kanalhuset" in the center of Copenhagen.

Window of a room in the design hotel Kanalhuset with a view of Copenhagen's harbor
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Since it was built in 1754, the historic complex directly on the Christianshavn Canal has first been a royal orphanage, then a naval hospital, in between a prison and finally a naval museum. Now it's a hotel. And what a hotel! Lajboschitz, who was born in Copenhagen in 1959 as the son of Danish-Swedish Jews and who left school at the age of 16, became known as an inventor and seller of functional everyday products. Humor, color and a dose of happiness as best sellers - and at small prices.

The idea of designing a hotel with a unique signature represents his entrepreneurial mindset:

"We do what we really believe in. And we act in a value-oriented way."

His new project follows the mantra: connecting people, creating communities beyond age, origin, gender and life path. The owner of the house is concerned with social togetherness and the sharing of values. He has no fear of contact, on the contrary. The father of four has his own home in a separate wing of the hotel complex.

  • Living room with midcentury armchairs, tables and sofas in design hotel Kanalhuset
  • Room with long dining table, shelf and colorful lamps in design hotel Kanalhuset
Kitchen with blue floor, wooden cabinets and BORA system in design hotel Kanalhuset

Food connects, and so the kitchens were also designed according to a shared vision. A number of hurdles had to be overcome before the BORA systems could be installed. After all, many things in the historic building could only be realized with special permission from the authorities. Why did Lajboschitz choose fume hoods from Bavaria in the first place? The owner of the house smiles: "I wanted something individual. The whole project is an adventure, a revolution." So – unlike what is normally done in commercial buildings – ten different kitchens were installed in completely different colors. The fact that BORA lends itself to unusual solutions in design and interior fittings is nothing new. But in this form and implementation, in a house where nothing is off the peg, it represents a premiere.

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