Every now and then even beauty professionals need inspiration for styles, trends and ideas on how to make their salons and their customers even more beautiful. This inspiration is provided by the bilingual magazine "Beauty Inspiration" by DOBI Professional.

DOBI Professional is the largest beauty retailer in Switzerland and one of the leading retailers in Europe. Hairdressers, stylists and beauty professionals can get everything they need in the hair, nail, cosmetics and feet sector: from nail scissors to hairdressing chairs. And on top of that, every month they also offer a magazine, that not only shows the right products for everyday hairdressing, but also presents new trends and techniques.

The goals of the relaunch and the new magazine are to strengthen and raise the profile of the company's brand image.

The new and revised Beauty Inspiration magazine lives from a mixture of generous image and text sections, entertaining articles and practical information. The "Profi-Tipp" and "Dobi-Tipp" provide helpful recommendations on new products, everyday salon work, and interesting facts for talking to customers. In short: It is a magazine that enriches the everyday lives of beauty professionals.

What does that look like exactly? Here's a glimpse:

Beauty Inspiration is published monthly in German and French and is sent to beauty professionals' homes by mail.

Cover Dobi Beauty Inspiration 10/2021
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As the largest beauty retailer in Switzerland DOBI Professional supplies hairdressers, stylists and the like with everything they need for everyday hairdressing. With their magazine "Beauty Inspiration", which is published 12 times a year, the specialty retailer not only strengthens its brand image, but also offers beauty inspiration.