200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, outside the northern Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, we begin our journey in the Range Rover Sport, headed down remote trails through dense fir forests on the way to a husky farm. The Swedish wilderness, dog-sledding and a hotel made of ice await us. Photographer Philip Bruederle and cinematographer Julian Jankowski capture the experience.

  • Dog sled driver Jonas looks Husky deep into the eyes

Jonas leads us to the enclosures of the sled dogs, where 200 huskies look at us through their blue eyes and paw the snow. When Jonas enters the enclosure, they become excitable. He kneels between the dogs, pats and compliments them, presses his nose to the snout of his favourite dog River. Then he pulls the running harness over the heads of eight animals and lifts their paws through the loops. They bark, demanding, eager to get out, to run towards the sun.

A feeling of vastness and endlessness

Finally we sit on the sled as well. Then there is a jolt as Jonas releases the brakes that were previously rammed into the snow. Before we know it, we are rushing along a narrow path through the forest. The snow whirls up under the dogs' paws, the air turns white and cold, the wind hits me in the face. As the snowy landscape flies past them, the huskies are in their element: calm, concentrated, completely in their rhythm.

  • Dog sledge driver Jonas pats two of his huskies
  • Dog sled rides alongside Range Rover Sport through snow-covered plains in Lapland
  • Portrait photo of dog sledge driver Jonas in blue winter coat with fur collar at sunset
  • Close-up of two sled dogs with harness
  • Dog sledge driver drives in the sunset over snow-covered plain in Lappland
  • Dark grey Range Rover Sport drives through snowy forest in Lapland

"When I stand on the sled, I feel happy and free. I love being able to go anywhere"

Jonas, dog sledge driver

Blick in das Foyer des Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi

The Ice Hotel

As we turn into the snowy parking lot of our accommodation, I straighten up in the Range Rover Sport's sports seat to look out the window. Meanwhile it has become dark, the sky is almost black, but the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi shines with an ice-blue light. The expected temperature difference in the interior of the hotel does not occur; here, walls, floors, ceilings, beds, benches and chandeliers - simply everything - are made of ice. Each piece of furniture is an artistically designed ice sculpture that combines modern design and Nordic nature. We toast to our adventure with a drink.

The result of the shoot: a fast-paced story about impressive animals and a spellbinding hotel made entirely of ice, and spectacular pictures and video published on the Land Rover Owners Club website.