Marek Lipowski and Michelle Sosna design fine porcelain at the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. In this interview they tell us about their working day and what the KPM means to the two creative artists. Both were portrayed in their daily work by Berlin photographer Gene Glover.

Michelle Sosna standing in front of a shelf, holding a painted porcelain plate
Michelle Sosna is pleased to turn her hobby into a profession with her apprenticeship in the porcelain manufactory.

Michelle Sosna is an apprentice in painting. At 23 she is one of the youngest employees in the company.

Ms Sosna, why did you decide to pursue a career with KPM?
I have always wanted to pursue a creative profession. After graduating from high school I came across the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin.

What are your highlights during the working day?
One thing is for sure, to have the fully painted and fired porcelain piece in front of me.

And what special challenges do you face?
To produce a good painting colour. What I also have to learn in my apprenticeship are new painting techniques and all related subjects.

"The daily challenge with brush and paint gives me great pleasure!"

Michelle Sosna

Marek Lipowski standing at his workplace with a brush in his hand
Lipowski is not only an outstanding sculptor, but has also designed for the KPM himself.

Marek Lipowski has been a sculptor at KPM since 1985. At the age of 65, he is a loyal employee of the manufactory.

Mr. Lipowski, what does working at KPM mean to you?

At KPM, valuable and beautiful things are created every day, and I have the privilege of being involved in the creative process. For me, the manufactory is the most beautiful place to create.

How has the work changed over time?

The processes have always become better, faster and more modern. Nevertheless, the attachment to traditions always remains.

What personal highlights or challenges have you encountered during your career?

Definitely the extensive reconstruction and composition of the CERES collection according to historical models. This was a personal highlight at the beginning of my career.

Cover of the KPM magazine WEISS 2018
Shaping the whole story WEISS Nr. 02

For the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Manufacturing) Berlin, Storyboard created an elegant, sophisticated magazine: WEISS. It combines company history and product presentations with personal insights, conveying the values of a traditional company, while portraying KPM's contemporary progress. The second issue of WEISS was designed with an entirely black cover.