When you are constantly surrounded by beautiful works made of porcelain, is it even possible to choose a favourite piece? Yes, it is! Employees of Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin present their favourite KPM pieces and explain why they find them special, in portraits by photographer Gene Glover.

  • KPM employee Anja Sonn leans at the table and holds a porcelain sheep in her hands
    DAS MONDSCHAF inspires ceramic designer Anja Sonn. Based on the poem by Christian Morgenstern, it shows her how beautiful poetry can be.
  • KPM employee Frank Haase sitting in a white reading chair with a KPM breakfast cup
    For Frank Haase, a 30-year veteran of KPM's sales department, the URBINO breakfast cup has outlasted trends and has maintained its charisma until today.
  • KPM employee Marleen Haman sitting at her office desk with a painted KURLAND water jug in her hands
    For management assistant Marleen Hamann, the KURLAND Dekor 73 water jug embodies an opulence that adds a special touch to everyday life.
  • KPM employee Markus Uhlig standing in the factory with a white KPM breakfast cup
    The FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE breakfast cup reminds Markus Uhlig, who works in the finishing department, of his grandfather who often quotes the Old Fritz.
  • KPM employee Celina van Dyck half-seated on her office desk, holding the LAB cup No. 2H
    Celina van Dyck designed her favourite piece herself during the first weeks of her graphic design training in 2018: she painted the LAB Mug No.2H with graphic elements.
  • KPM employee Bernhard Quapp standing in the factory with a white KPM CADRE vase in his hands
    Professional porcelain painter Bernhard Quapp has been with KPM since 1970. He has often coloured the CADRE vase, and it was the first piece he bought for himself.
  • KPM employee Sascha Borowski standing in the studio of KPM and presenting an ANTIKEN ZUCKERKORB
    Porcelain painter Sascha Borowski is impressed by the complex design of the ANTIKEN ZUCKERKORBS with its delicate break-through work.
  • KPM employee Oliver Schulze with a KPM bowl
    Ceramic former Oliver Schulze likes the small LAB bowl; it is the perfect size, and with its purist design, a real all-rounder.

Cover of the WEISS magazine 2019
Shaping the whole story WEISS Nr. 03

For the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Manufacturing) Berlin, Storyboard created an elegant, sophisticated magazine: WEISS. It combines company history and product presentations with personal insights, conveying the values of a traditional company, while portraying KPM's contemporary progress. After the first issue themed entirely in white and the second in black, the third is designed in the Bauhaus look.