Motel One stands for design, good location and good prices. A combination that is not easy to find. And it is precisely this special mix that the newly designed One Design magazine captures. The bilingual magazine is published in German and English.

In each issue, three selected hotels are portrayed, recommendations are shared and exciting interview partners talk about relevant topics.

Employees, designers and artists give tips around the hotels shown that will not be found in a travel guide. Columns and exciting interviews, as with the currently most sought-after German designer Sebastian Herkner on the subject of sustainability and design, round off the magazine.

An insight:

  • Motel One Munich Hotel Portrait Opener
  • Motel One Munich Hotel Portrait

In addition to generous photo spreads, the magazine lives from the integration of the hotel group's employees.

  • Motel One Magazin One Design
  • Motel One Magazin One Design

Where you can read the entire magazine? During your stay in the more than 70 hotels of the hotel group throughout Europe.

Magazin Motel One Cover One Design No. 12
Read the whole story here One Design No.12

Storyboard refined the One Design magazine for the Motel One hotel group. The new editions are all about design and the joy of traveling. Employees, designers and artists give recommendations around different Motel One locations and columns as well as interviews with interesting people round off the magazine.