Advisor, inspirer and, of course, a friend. "freundin" magazine is close to the lives of modern women. It shows what makes life more beautiful and easier, stands for joie de vivre, modern work culture and the compatibility of family and career.

A restructuring that is proving successful: In 2020, "freundin" was able to increase its circulation four times in a row - and in the first quarter of 2021, it increased slightly again.

Since September 2019, two such friends have had editorial responsibility for "freundin": Anke Helle and Mateja Mögel, who head the magazine as dual leaders, modernized the tradition-rich brand from the ground up.

With the start of the two editors-in-chief, not only the top management changed, but also the art direction of the magazine: Since 2019, Storyboard is responsible for the graphics of the biweekly magazine. The creative team, led by Janine Scheurmann and Joschko Hammermann, designs each issue as well as inserts and special editions of the magazine, giving it a new touch and a modern look.

Here is a selection of the layouts created:

The visual language and layout of "freundin" show that even medical topics can be designed with a twinkle in the eye. Modern illustrations lend visual lightness to supposedly heavy topics.

No women's magazine without fashion: The "pattern mix" picture section is supplemented in the layout with graphic elements that visually take up the theme and give the article a modern look.

  • Lead story of a fashion spread in "freundin" magazine
  • Fashion spread in "freundin" magazine

A fixed component of every issue is the "Living and Loving" section. The graphic design proves that emotional stories don't always need a lot of text and explanations, but work through pictures alone.

  • Lead story of a photo spread on the subject of "hugs" in "freundin" magazine
  • Photo spread on the subject of "hugs" in "freundin" magazine
  • Photo spread on the subject of "hugs" in "freundin" magazine

Curious now? The "freundin" is available every 14 days at the kiosk or as a subscription.