Gin is considered the epitome of cultivated bar culture. And because the woody juniper aroma not only tastes good, but also smells good, it can be found in numerous fragrance compositions. The image composing by art director Constantin Ermis presents suitable men's perfumes with juniper aromas - and proves that an elaborate shoot is not always necessary for great results. Here is an excerpt from the gin story, written by author Maria Jacoba Geremus:

Three bottles of men's fragrances stand on tray and drink coaster
Back: With juniper and amber – "Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea," ACQUA DI PARMA. Tangy, spicy, with a light juniper note: "Tiffany & Love For Him", TIFFANY & CO. In front: Bergamot plays around juniper: "Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme", DOLCE & GABBANA. Composing: Constantin Ermis

Gin - always in trend

Did you know that it takes three years for the dark blue juniper berry to ripen from the blossom of the cypress tree?

At the end of the 17th century, Dutch soldiers brought the precursor of gin to the British Isles in the form of juniper-flavored "genever," where - based on ethyl alcohol - it quickly gained popularity and received its current name.

In the 1960s, James Bond's legendary gin martini sparked a real hype around the juniper spirit. Excellent new distillations have caused its fan base to grow strongly again since 2010.

There are now 5,498 different types of gin worldwide, 692 of which come from Germany alone.

Hand holding perfume "Gucci Guilty Cologne Pour Homme" against blue background
Juniper berry meets white musk: "Gucci Guilty Cologne Pour Homme", GUCCI

3 tips for the perfect gin and tonic

  1. Temperature: At 11 to 15 degrees, the botanicals develop the most aroma.
  2. Garnish: Lime and mint go well with fruity-fresh gins. Rosemary harmonizes with spicy aromas.
  3. New standard: cucumber. Its mild aroma rounds off floral and peppery gins.

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