Sometimes crockery is more than just an utility item. Markus Tenbusch, manager of the Udo Walz branch on Kurfürstendamm, has discovered his passion for KPM porcelain over the years. Author Sandra Winkler and photographer Christoph Mack visited him in his apartment in the Berlin neighborhood Moabit.

  • A tea set on the living room table, including a LAB cup from KPM
  • Wooden table laid with tea set from the URBINO collection by KPM
  • Flowers in CADRE vases by KPM Berlin
  • Brushes covered with paint lie on a small round white table

An excerpt from the home story in KPM WEISS magazine no. 02:

The cake plates and coffee cups with which Tenbusch set the table in his apartment have a special meaning for him: they stand for a new beginning, the beginning of his life in Berlin. "It was a lucky coincidence that I found this porcelain. Or that it found me," says Tenbusch. He had just moved from Munich to Berlin after a long period of commuting and wrangling about whether the capital might be the right place for him when he saw the tableware eleven years ago at a flea market on the Straße des 17. Juni: six cake plates, cups and saucers from the URBINO series from the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, designed in 1931 by Trude Petri in the spirit of New Objectivity. He liked it from the first moment - the simple form, the pure white, the noble platinum rim.

Nothing is as boring as the perfect thing. I like to play with contrasts and harmony."

Markus Tenbusch

The cake plates and cups of the URBINO series were a lucky purchase at the flea market. With their simple shape and pure white colour they are strikingly beautiful.

[...] He later bought a blue espresso cup on top. Friends gave him two cups HALLESCHE FORM, inspired by the Bauhaus style, but with a romantic flower pattern. A combination of new shape and traditional decoration. But Tenbusch does not only mix different styles in his kitchen cupboard. As a guest in his apartment, you can choose whether to sit on a loft chair under a modern pendulum lamp or rather in front of a dark secretary on a baroque chair with gold-coloured ornaments from the requisites of the Komische Oper.

  • Markus Tenbusch holds a blue espresso cup from the URBINO collection by KPM

When Tenbusch comes home from work in the evening, part of his tip goes into his piggy bank - for the next wish he wants to fulfil. At the moment he would like to buy two more URBINO espresso cups in red and yellow.

You can read the whole story about Markus Tenbusch in the KPM WEISS magazine No. 02.

Cover of the KPM magazine WEISS 2018
Shaping the whole story WEISS Nr. 02

For the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Manufacturing) Berlin, Storyboard created an elegant, sophisticated magazine: WEISS. It combines company history and product presentations with personal insights, conveying the values of a traditional company, while portraying KPM's contemporary progress. The second issue of WEISS was designed with an entirely black cover.