To share a house, you should know each other very well. This is the case with Gundhild and Werner Seelbach, and Claus Hölzer and Hans-Georg Hölzer-Wied. For a homestory for BORA Magazine, author Martin Fraas and photographer Evelyn Dragan visited the two couples in Siegen.

  • Three men and one woman sitting together at a round dining table in a kitchen
    In convivial company (from left): Werner, Claus, Hans-Georg and Gundhild.

Gundhild, Werner, Claus and Hans-Georg have been close friends for many years. They get on so well that they eventually decided to build a house together, in Siegen. The two couples, who have been living in the dwelling since December 2017, are connected by a detail of their kitchen equipment: independently of each other, they opted for BORA cooktop extractors.

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  • Modern wall shelf with records
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  • Three shelves with decoration hang on wall above chest of drawers with coffee table books

Building the house was not easy. "The property is located on a steep slope, which made the foundation work very complex," says Werner Seelbach, 67, an architect. But these teething troubles have long been forgotten. Now Gundhild and Werner enjoy the bright rooms, which they have designed in a reserved and purist way. "Neither of us likes cluttered rooms or harsh contrasts," says Gundhild, 57. "We favour a clear but mild design language."

This is also the case in the 15 sq.m. kitchen, which was designed by the 'Plan 3 Küche' team. The couple first encountered the BORA system in a showroom and were immediately impressed by the advantages of an extractor system without a bulky hood or restricted visibility. "We have an open kitchen, where the BORA Classic system comes into its own," says Werner. "Thanks to the optimum extraction system, there are no odours in the kitchen or in the adjoining dining and living area".

"In the open kitchen, the BORA system comes into its own."

Werner Seelbach

  • Older couple cooks in open kitchen with BORA extractor system
    Gundhild and Werner regularly entertain friends in their spacious kitchen Photos: Evelyn Dragan
  • Two middle-aged men cooking in a modern kitchen with BORA extractor fan
    ... and Claus and Hans-Georg also love culinary world tours with friends. Then there are up to eight courses from different countries.

This especially helps as Gundhild likes to cook tagine, a stewed dish prepared in a clay pot which is often left on the stove for several hours. "We regularly invite friends over to enjoy a meal together," says Werner. "Many of them have become aware of the advantages of BORA through us."

Claus Hölzer, 52, and Hans-Georg Hölzer-Wied, 61, are frequent guests at the Seelbachs. And vice versa; they also like to host. What do they like to serve, and what is important to the couples when they are setting up their meals? Read the whole homestory in BORA Magazine, Issue 01/2019.

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Read the story of the unusual neighbours' stylish living solution in BORA Magazine 01/2019.

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Extracting the whole story BORA 01/2019

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