Attractive, successful and famous women often have to struggle with malice. Many people think that good looks are the only way to get through life, it seems like the red carpet is almost attached to your feet. Everyday problems? Staying well-behaved behind the barrier of the VIP area. It would be nice, Jessica Alba would probably say now, smiling irresistibly - and telling a little bit about her childhood. We met the Hollywood beauty for an interview.

"I strongly believe that you can do anything if you are confident."


Portrait of Jessica Alba in a white dress

How the girl with Mexican and Canadian roots was teased for her buckteeth. How she suffered from severe asthma and recurring pneumonia for a long time. But Jessica defied the circumstances in her own way. She climbed trees, had fights with boys when they tried to mess with her, replicated exciting action scenes with her Barbie dolls. And dreamed of slipping into other roles. In fact, she wanted to become an actress at the age of five. That would pass, her father hoped, but he underestimated his daughter's stubbornness.

At eleven, Jessica won acting lessons in a competition of Oscar-nominated Felicity Huffman, made a few commercials for Nintendo games and signed her first contract less than a year later. And then a thing that you only know from kitschy novels happened: In her debut film "Camp nowhere" she first only had a small role, but then one of the leading actresses dropped out, and Jessica took over her part.

Make-up and cleansing products of the brand Honest Beauty

In her private life, she now fights on completely different fronts - for a clean world in which not only her children, Honor, Haven and Hayes, who she had with her husband, the film producer Cash Warren, can grow up untroubled. In 2012 she founded "The Honest Company" together with a few friends and started producing environmentally friendly diapers and household goods without harmful chemical additives. The idea came to her when, after the birth of her first daughter, she was struggling with allergies herself, couldn't find a cleaning agent she could use without hesitation and was about to mix something herself from baking powder, vinegar and oil.

The start of her business was anything but easy: "At first, people only saw in me the girl from the movie who wears bikinis! But Alba held out and convinced everyone. In the meantime, she has also worked with experts to develop a make-up and care line with harmless ingredients, which is now available as an exclusive German premiere at Douglas.

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