A magnificent view over the city and lots of space - that is what attorney and notary Dr. Thomas Puffe appreciates about his office on Lützowplatz. Just like the cup of green tea with which his working day begins. Preferably he likes to drink from his office cup BERLIN. He also serves his clients coffee or tea in cups from KPM, either from the KURLAND or URANIA collection. Nowadays good design is important, the enthusiastic hobby chef and father of four children says:

"Fine pieces and focusing on beautiful details mean distraction from our often hectic world."

Dr. Thomas Puffe is an attorney and notary at BEITEN BURKHARDT in Berlin, one of Germany's leading commercial law firms.

"I grew up in Berlin, started and finished my law studies here. For me, KPM is one of the last traditional companies in the city" - Dr. Thomas Puffe

  • White sugar bowl and porcelain cup from KPM series Kurland stand on wooden table
    Photo: Robert Rieger

Quality and experience are highly valued, but so is thinking ahead: "It impresses me how the classic lines can be complemented with new editions." The platinum colored cup of the URBINO collection is very special. Depending on the viewing angle, it reflects the black and white décor of the saucer. With all this choice, it is difficult for Puffe to name a favorite piece. But for him, the most beautiful mocha cup in the world is the one from the URANIA collection.

You can read the entire interview in issue No. 04 of WEISS, the magazine of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin.

Cover of the WEISS magazine 2020
Read the whole story here WEISS Nr. 04

2017 Storyboard designed a magazine for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin: WEISS. The fourth issue of the yearly magazine was published in September 2020. On the cover: a whippet dog as a reminder of the royal manufactory founder Frederick the Great. His favorite dog Biche became the muse for a hand-painted cup.