The looks that our team and photographer Kathrin Makowski created for the cover shoot of the 2020 winter issue of the LUDWIG BECK Beauty Magazine are inspired by the trend color rust red.

Together with make-up artist Momo Rauch, we showed that the color not only looks good on the lips, but also on the eyes and worn as an all-over look. To emphasize the make-up, model Rafeaela Bosi wore clothes in muted colors and high quality materials like leather, cashmere and silk.

  • Young woman with brown curls with closed eyes on the lids is a copper colored eyelid line
  • Young woman with brown curls, Smokey Eyes in rust red holds her fingers on her chin
  • Young woman with brown curls, Smokey Eyes in rust red holds her fingers crossed in front of her mouth

To emphasize the retro mood of the styling, the shooting took place in front of a mustard-colored background.

The striking result of this beauty shoot decorates the cover of the magazine and also is on view online in the the LUDWIG BECK beauty shop and the corresponding newsletter.

  • Young woman with brown curls with her arms behind her head wears a black sweater and a wine-red leather skirt
  • Junge Frau mit braunen Locken und rotem Lippenstift
  • Young woman with brown curls and red lipstick

Cover of the Ludwig Beck Beauty Magazine Winter 2020
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Make-up trends, expert advices and the latest products from the beauty world – LUDWIG BECK Beauty is storytelling at its best. In the winter edition our team presents the trend colors for this winter, care tips for the cold season and lots of inspirations for Christmas presents .