Hand holds stacked porcelain plates and cups
Stills & Strokes

When guests announce their arrival, the most beautiful chinaware is put on the table. It doesn't matter that they are not from a series. On the contrary: the more daring the combination, the more conversation there is for the round table. The focus of the production with art director Melanie Vorbeck and photographer Stefan Vorbeck: selected porcelain plates, cups, pots and figures from series such as URBINO, KURLAND or URANIA.

To stage the precious porcelain pieces, the creative duo worked with bright colors, unusual perspectives - and jelly. The result of the photo production including styling: an unusual photo series in the fourth issue of the KPM customer magazine WEISS.

Stills & Strokes

You can find the whole picture gallery in issue 4 of the KPM WEISS magazine.

Cover of the WEISS magazine 2020
Read the whole story here WEISS Nr. 04

2017 Storyboard designed a magazine for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin: WEISS. The fourth issue of the yearly magazine was published in September 2020. On the cover: a whippet dog as a reminder of the royal manufactory founder Frederick the Great. His favorite dog Biche became the muse for a hand-painted cup.