Offering guests a feel-good atmosphere in a unique environment. The Motel One hotel chain stands for sophisticated design concepts. An essential element of this concept is the individual artwork of each hotel. The special feature is that they are made by local artists especially for the respective hotels.

Layout of the Motel One magazine with an illustration by the artist Kartuuschka

We offer these artists and the story behind the individual works of art a stage in every issue of Motel One Magazine. In issue 13 of One Design Magazine, for example, we interviewed the Saarbrücken illustrators Natalie Nierengarten and Joni Majer, portrayed the street artist SKIRL and introduced the artistic carpet label Atelier Février.

We also met the Linz based illustrator Katja Seifert (Katuuschka) for a studio visit. For the Motel One in Linz, she illustrated the most exciting art and architecture locations in the Upper Austrian city. In the lobby of the hotel, for example, there are now drawings of the local tobacco factory, the Raum-Schiff, and the Ars Electronica Center.

Katja Seifert also created a map of the region's most beautiful cycling routes for One Design magazine.

To get an insight into the artist's work, we visited her in her studio in Linz. The result is a video that shows the creation of the map and also provides exciting insights into the illustrator's daily work.

You can find the result in the Motel One online magazine. Here is an insight:

You can find more artist portraits, travel tips and exciting interviews in the current issue of One Design magazine. You will find it in more than 70 hotels of the hotel group throughout Europe.

Magazin Motel One Cover One Design No. 13
Wo Sie die ganze Story lesen können? One Design No. 13

One Design, the magazine of the Motel One hotel group, is published twice a year in German and English. Each issue focuses on design and the joy of travelling. Employees, designers and artists give tips on different Motel One locations and columns and interviews with exciting interviewees round off the magazine.