With hits like "Blockbustaz" and "Hindafing", the Munich production company NEUESUPER is one of the top addresses for serials. For XPLR: MEDIA and their magazine for the Medientage München 2020 our author Ayla Amschlinger interviewed the founders Rafael Parente, Simon Amberger and Korbinian Dufter.

NEUESUPER has so far produced series for streaming providers as well as for classic TV stations. Changes the demand, depending on the broadcasting format for which you produce series and films?

Korbinian Dufter: We ourselves always have the highest standards for our films. When we sit in the Writer's Room, it makes no difference to us whether we write for a classic, linear station or for a platform. First of all, the story is important to us. We always want to find the most exciting story. Only later do we consider limiting factors such as the budget, which of course has an influence on how big a story can be told and by what resources.

Rafael Parente: In general, the demands of buyers and viewers have also risen dramatically. With a story and its realization, you have to achieve a much higher standard of vision today than it was the case in Germany ten years ago. For us, this is both a great challenge and a great opportunity to tell truly extraordinary stories from within Germany and Bavaria. International streaming platforms also offer regional filmmakers the opportunity to tell stories at a high level, which can then be seen all over the world.

"The very large Streamingserials are often no longer put online at one go, but released again weekly, in order to ignite the campfire discussion."

Simon Amberger

How do TV stations react to the competitive pressure from the international streaming giants? Is there a change noticeable?

Korbinian Dufter: Now that streaming platforms have been on the market for a few years, you can see that there has definitely been a certain fertilization. Recently, really exciting series have emerged on the linear and traditional channels, which perhaps also venture into areas that were previously reserved for streamers in terms of tonality and choice of themes. Conversely, you also notice that the streamers are looking for broader entertainment.

Video streaming in Bavaria: Infographic from XPLR Media Magazine 2020

In addition to the interview, our editorial team created a thematically appropriate infographics. It highlights the most important facts and information about streaming services in Bavaria and Germany.

The entire interview, the infographics in detail and other interesting stories about media professionals from Bavaria can be found in the XPLR: MEDIA Magazine or online at xplr-media.de.

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