Finding qualified specialists is not easy. For our client, Stadtwerke München, we have therefore developed various formats to attract new employees to the company. For example, a reverse job interview, in which SWM answers the typical questions asked to applicants. In the search for civil engineers, the future colleagues had their say and talked about their everyday working life at SWM.

An excerpt from the interviews:

Interview with Andreas Lindner

Andreas Lindner, 41 years old. Born in Salzburg, he has been working for SWM since 2016 and is responsible for the planning of mobility and infrastructure projects.

What brought you to the Stadtwerke?

"I applied in the classic way for an advertisement. The tasks appealed to me immediately. Infrastructure and mobility are a great challenge, especially to meet and expand demand. But it's even more complicated to maintain and renovate the current infrastructure."

Interview with Aldjana Parlic

Aldijana Parlic, 30 years old, is responsible for the planning of traffic structures and has been working at the SWM since 2018.

What does work look like for you?

“I work on two screens – and with a to-do list: sorted by urgency and project size. Since I oversee many permits, there are numerous documents and folders on my desk. I also always need a digital overview of the subway network, including a wide range of information. A normal card would not be enough.

Interview with Meike Rath

Meike Rath, 26 years old, studied civil engineering at the TU Munich. After graduating, she started in 2019 working at the Munich Public Utilities Company in the department of building inspection and plan archive.

What is your job?

"I inspect the surface structures in the MVG network. Specifically, we check stations and lines, depots or station buildings. How does a structure change? Has there been any damage? We have to observe them closely in order to maintain them appropriately."

You can find the complete interview in the magazine M-Puls 04/2019.

Cover des M-Puls Magazins der Stadtwerke München
Read the whole story here M-Puls 04/2019

How do more than 10,000 employees contribute daily to the well-being of a metropolitan city? M-Puls is a regular look behind the scenes at Munich's municipal corporation, Stadtwerke München. The 24-page magazine is a source of information and loyalty touchpoint for SWM Group customers.