Few cities combine thousands of years of tradition with modernity as successfully as Athens. Which makes it an ideal testing ground for the latest generation of the Range Rover Evoque, an automotive legend that redefined the concept of the SUV and has become an icon of modern vehicle design. Photographer Michael Schnabel accompanied motoring journalist Ken Gibson in the Evoque in and around the Greek capital.

  • Acropolis reflected in the windscreen of the Range Rover Evoque overlooking Athens
    The timeless Acropolis looks over the bustling city of Athens

Just as the Acropolis shaped the world's architecture and culture, Land Rover's Series I changed the world of motoring. But time doesn't stand still, as the many striking modern buildings that now dominate the Athens skyline alongside the monuments of the past prove. With the original Evoque, Land Rover created a timeless design that was so perfect right from the start that from then on it only needed careful adaptation. Thus the new model is also immediately recognisable as an Evoque.

  • Range Rover Evoque drives through a narrow road in Athens
  • Range Rover Evoque reflected in a window pane in a residential area in Athens
  • Range Rover Evoque, photographed from another car, driving on a tree-lined road
  • Trees and mountains are reflected in the windscreen of the Range Rover Evoque
  • Olive trees and alleyway in Athens residential area reflected in windshield of Range Rover Evoque
  • Range Rover Evoque on road with olive trees reflected in disc of another car

When I saw the new Range Rover Evoque for the first time, it was immediately clear to me that the designers had hit the bull's-eye once again and created a car that stood out from the crowd. Although the exterior has only been subtly altered, a few details—such as the ultra-slim LED headlights and grille, the handles recessed into the door, and the elegant tail lights drawn around the corner—give it a more sophisticated look.

"The original Evoque set the standard, but the new version raises the bar even higher."

Ken Gibson

To find out what else impressed Ken Gibson about the new Range Rover Evoque, read Issue #38 of Land Rover ONELIFE Magazine.

Cover of ONELIFE #38 magazine with a silver Range Rover on a road over Athens
Unearthing the whole story ONELIFE #38

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