Music, design and success: an appointment with Peggy Gou, the hottest female DJ around the globe right now.

The sun shines in Berlin-Mitte as a shimmering silver coat with a huge hood flies through the entrance door. Like wrapped in foil blanket, gliding in from another planet, sunglasses perched on the hidden nose, Peggy Gou arrives for the BORA interview. And introduces herself in finest English: “Hi, I am Peggy.” Now, that’s what you call a grand entrance – that's what she is known for. The international press raves about the up-and-coming star, the German newspaper ‘Die Zeit’ calling her “One of the most successful DJs on the planet” and the Austrian ‘Standard’ writing about “The new star DJ from South Korea”. No difference in the global online community, with everyone cheering and marvelling. Peggy Gou from Seoul is a shooting star.

DJane Peggy Gou in a BORA kitchen

For the interview in Berlin, the entourage has lots of smoothies in stock. Not only her favourite drink, but also the fuel for a jet-set life around the world. The multi-talented DJ takes a quick ginger shot before the team starts. Of course we get the chance to picture Gou with her new BORA Pure. It's fun for her. She is characterized by speed, precision, impatience and an alert intellect. “I’ve got a swift mind”, she summarises, adding:

”By the way: BORA also is a Korean forename.”

Peggy Gou

The cosmopolitan DJ has chosen Berlin as her new home. In the Mitte district she furnished an apartment with BORA Pure in her kitchen: “I’ve a passion for the extraordinary.” And an eye for design and individuality, which is clearly shown here. Although she admits that she does not cook very often: “I like using delivery services. But I want to get into cooking. I love BORA: the design! And the high quality. In Korea, we have less wood in our kitchens. They are more colourful.” The first thing to be served is Korean: rice cakes – spicy of course! Yet the kitchen still is a place for socialising: “I can’t wait to get together with lots of people to cook here.”

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