Our plan for today is to escape the city and find peace, with lots of blue around. It's only seven o'clock in the morning when we slam the car doors and start the engine. Munich is already awake, but still sleepy. On the motorway we turn up the music loud. After half an hour, we turn into a residential area in Starnberg. The canoe rental company Wilderness Watertours, which we chose on the internet, is located in an old villa on Riedener Weg. Canoes and kayaks are scattered in the overgrown garden.

  • Water lilies in front of a mountain panorama
  • Young woman in canoe rowing
  • Lake with reeds in front of mountain panorama
  • Young woman in canoe rowing

After a short theory course, we launch the canoe near the Starnberg marina and paddle a little awkwardly out onto the open lake. The view we get is quite distracting at first: the morning light and the expanse of water lie before us. A bank of fog hangs over the surface, otherwise the sky is clear. Again and again, my eyes linger on the Alpine panorama, the mountains seemingly within reach.

"We blink into daylight and have landed in another world."

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