What do the trending perfumes of the year actually smell like? Floral-sweet, refreshingly citric, or fruity and light? This question was answered by the traditional Munich department store LUDWIG BECK, in the fragrance section of the Beauty Magazine Spring/Summer 2019, and visually staged in a photoshoot by Jens Mauritz.

  • Four perfumes are arranged on raspberries and blackberries.
  • Several perfumes are arranged on a bed of red, white and pink roses.
  • Three perfumes and two lemons lie on a bed of lemon leaves.

We staged the perfumes of the season to show off their fragrance components at first glance. Citrusy, refreshing fragrances were draped on a backdrop of lemon plants, fruity perfumes were photographed with berries, floral scents were surrounded by roses. The opulent still-life photography visually captured the characteristics of the fragrances while guiding the reader through their respective nuances.

  • Sample page from the Ludwig Beck Magazine Summer 2019

The photo series, supplemented by an interview with fragrance expert Xenija Dirr, was published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of LUDWIG BECK Beauty Magazine.

Cover of the Ludwig Beck Beauty Magazine 2019
Changing the face of storytelling LUDWIG BECK BEAUTY 01/2019

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