Schönhagen airfield, an hour southwest of Berlin. Where business people and hobby pilots usually take off for business trips or sightseeing flights, Philipp Hedemann today meets Claudia Michelsen and Uwe Ochsenknecht for a photo production. While Claudia Michelsen shows only limited interest in the planes and helicopters, Uwe Ochsenknecht, who lives on Mallorca, asks a pilot directly what it would cost to be flown from here to his island.

Photos: Lottermann & Fuentes
Claudia and Uwe at Schöneberg airfield in black and white

And, Mr. Ochsenknecht, how expensive is it?

Uwe Ochsenknecht - With all the trimmings, more than 20,000 euros, I was told. So it's out of the question. It does get a little cheaper, though, if you're behind the wheel yourself.

You commute between Mallorca and Germany for work. How has that worked out since Corona?

Uwe Ochsenknecht - The flight schedules are thinned out, but you get there and back. For tourism and gastronomy there, however, Corona is a disaster. On the other hand, you have to say: the island hasn't been this empty and beautiful in a long time. The water is clean, cows and goats walk the beaches, and there are even dolphins in the port of Palma.

Claudia and Uwe arm in arm in front of the helicopter

Many business trips have been replaced by video conferences. A good alternative?

Claudia Michelsen - It wasn't easy for me to get used to at first; reading via Zoom alienates the sound in the room with the others. But if face-to-face meetings are not possible, it is a luxury to have these tools at all.

Uwe Ochsenknecht - I'm a total technology freak and have no problem at all with Skype, Zoom, Teams and Facetime. This could have been done much earlier - and would have saved a lot of time, energy and also money.

Do you suffer from limited travel opportunities, Ms. Michelsen?

Claudia Michelsen - No, not really. Even though Corona naturally hits a lot of people and countries hard, I think it's right to stop and ask yourself sometimes:

Do we really have to fly from A to B for every meeting?
- Claudia Michelsen

Claudia and Uwe sitting in the office at the airfield

Mr. Ochsenknecht, if Mrs. Michelsen were a car, what would she be?

Uwe Ochsenknecht - Claudia would be the most luxurious luxury car of a wonderful car brand!

And what would Mr. Ochsenknecht be as a car, Mrs. Michelsen?

Claudia Michelsen - Also a very special specimen. With him on board, I would definitely always feel safe, every trip would be great fun. Just like turning, you can always rely on him to get you to your destination safely and reliably. And reliability is the be-all and end-all of a car, isn't it?

Claudia und Uwe sitzen im offenen Helikopter am Flugplatz

The best thing about me is: I never have to go to the TÜV!
- Claudia Michelsen thinks that Uwe Ochsenknecht would be very reliable as a car.

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