Our playfully elegant photoshoot for KPM's customer magazine WEISS raised the curtain for the famous porcelain maker to take the stage with Juwelierhaus Wempe. The exquisite depiction of porcelain objects and precious metals and gemstones was arranged by the Berlin creative duo Studio Likeness.

  • Chains and rings lie in two drop-shaped side dishes, created by the Milanese designer Enzo Mari
  • Porcelain figure of a Chinese woman with parrot decorated with three rings from the Wempe jewellery
  • Porcelain mocha pot designed by Wolf Karnagel decorated with two chains
  • Four different KPM porcelain birds wearing rings, bracelets and a chain by Wempe

The drop-shaped side bowls BERLIN, created by Milanese designer Enzo Mari, are not only perfect for dips, olives or nuts, but also as a stylish tray for your favourite Wempe jewellery.

Adolph Amberg designed the 'Chinese Woman With Parrot' for the wedding of the Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm. Later, KPM bought the models and successfully manufactured them. For our pages, the elegant Art Nouveau statue gave support to her parrot as well as elegant rings made of rose gold.

Wolf Karnagel's mocha pot STAMBUL in its timeless design almost looks like a sculpture and also serves well as a jewellery holder.

  • KPM porcelain figure "Sneaking tomcat", designed by Johannes Henke and decorated with ring, bracelet and spiral bangle

The porcelain statues 'Starling', 'Yellow Oriole', 'Bullfinch' and 'Kingfisher' were designed by rococo sculptor Johann Baptist Pedrozzi for the then newly founded KPM, and were intended to be conversation pieces for the table. They certainly do so today, just like Wempe's jewellery.

Cats have always fascinated and charmed people. Berlin artist Johannes Henke captured their proud character and graceful movements brilliantly in his 'Sneaking Cat', designed for KPM in 1977. Here, the elegant feline is strikingly decorated with a ring, bracelet and bangle spiral.

Cover of the WEISS magazine 2019
Shaping the whole story WEISS Nr. 03

For the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Royal Porcelain Manufacturing) Berlin, Storyboard created an elegant, sophisticated magazine: WEISS. It combines company history and product presentations with personal insights, conveying the values of a traditional company, while portraying KPM's contemporary progress. After the first issue themed entirely in white and the second in black, the third is designed in the Bauhaus look.