On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the traditional Munich store LUDWIG BECK, the customer magazine was thoroughly revised by our team. The second issue of the anniversary year makes you want to go shopping "at the Rathauseck".

Still life with hand creams and wooden hands on blue foam

From opulent fashion spreads to inspiring interviews and expert tips from employees to self-produced still lifes: The LUDWIG BECK magazine represents the entire department store.

Putting products in the spotlight aesthetically and not neglecting the humorous wink: That is the approach to still productions for the LUDWIG BECK magazine. For the current issue, our team developed a visual idea to match each theme, which was also taken up in the text.

The concepts were implemented together with photographer Sarah Fürbringer and stylist Nora Khereddine.

Eye creams on a blue and beige chessboard

The hand cream theme, for example, was implemented with decorative hands made of wood. For the eye cream theme, the team worked with a chessboard and chess pieces to literally checkmate dark circles and the like. Lipsticks were staged on a canvas.

Since LUDWIG BECK celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2021, a birthday motif was also shot. Here, exclusive products were staged with confetti.

The color scheme of all motifs was based on the seasonal decoration and the current campaign to emphasize the visual connection to the department store.

Where can the result of the photo shoot be seen? In the magazine, in the LUDWIG BECK online store and in the associated newsletter.

Cover Ludwig Beck Magazin 02/2021
Read the whole story here LUDWIG BECK MAGAZIN 02/2021

For the 160th anniversary of the traditional Munich department store, the existing customer magazine was further developed. Twice a year, the magazine now presents the entire world of LUDWIG BECK: from fashion to accessories and beauty to stationery and music. In addition to styling inspiration and trends, the focus is also on the department store itself.