Jewellery tells stories. That of the wearer. That of its material. That of its manufacture. And we capture these stories with the family magazine of the jewellery manufacturer Wellendorff. Our photographer Elias Hassos visited the headquarters in Pforzheim for this - and set the scene there for a very special bracelet.

Georg Wellendorff in jewellery manufacture

Through the many years of experience of the goldsmiths at Wellendorff, their artistry, their understanding of materials and their in-depth knowledge, unique pieces of jewellery and icons have been created over the course of the company's 128-year history. Now the jewellery manufactory has once again succeeded in creating a miracle of craftsmanship. A bracelet made of 18 ct. gold that always returns to its original position, that you can put on without opening and closing it, that no longer needs a lock.

In an interview, Georg Wellendorff reports on how the world sensation was realised.

How and when did the idea of developing spring gold come about?

The idea of creating a bracelet without a lock came about 17 years ago. How simple it would be if you could put on a bracelet without opening and closing it. A bracelet made of 18 ct. gold that always gently returns to its original position.

Most experts, it is reported, gave the project no chance at all.

We spoke to material scientists, the Jewellery Technology Institute and professors. The answer was always the same: There is no such thing as feathery gold. And that is exactly what spurred us on to create something the world has not yet seen.

"Everyone said it couldn't be done."

Were there also setbacks in the course of development?

Of course, we have always come to a dead end. Gold in itself holds or breaks, it doesn't like to stretch itself. But there were new ideas that were tried out immediately. But it wasn't until the pandemic that the breakthrough came. In the in-house research laboratory, a team of experts consisting of the chief designer, the chief designer and a master goldsmith made it.

  • Goldsmith makes the "Umarme mich" bracelet
  • Goldsmith makes the "Umarme mich" bracelet
  • Drawing of the Wellendorff "Umarme mich" bracelet
  • Close-up of the "Umarme mich" bracelet

You can find the entire interview in the 2021 issue of Wellendorff's family magazine. There we also talk about innovation and tradition with ZDF presenter Petra Gerster, entrepreneur Dagmar Wöhrl and Philipp Welte, CEO of Hubert Burda Media.

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