What is ADAC Motorwelt?

The ADAC Motorwelt is one of the highest-circulation magazines in Europe. This publication is exclusively produced for the members of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC).

ADAC Motorwelt


  • Content creation print
  • Relaunch & redesign
  • Project management

Hard Facts

  • How often? 4 x per year
  • Distribution: Distribution concept via ADAC branches, EDEKA and Netto


In 2020, in collaboration with Burda, we successfully launched the fully revamped members' magazine, ADAC Motorwelt. This redesigned publication now serves as a lifestyle magazine, centering around the themes of mobility, travel, and cars. Since its relaunch, the magazine has been published quarterly and is conveniently available nationwide at over 9,000 Edeka and Netto stores, as well as ADAC offices. Club members can easily obtain a complimentary copy by presenting their membership card at these locations.

Look into the magazine

The current issue

Since the relaunch, ADAC Motorwelt has adopted a three-part structure to enhance reader experience. It begins with a vibrant agenda section, featuring a column and a double-page spread focusing on health. The middle section comprises engaging interviews, features, and reports, while the final section highlights the wide range of services provided by the ADAC.

ADAC Motorwelt is supplemented in each issue by an insert from the seven regional automobile clubs. These are graphically enhanced in line with the main magazine.

Exclusive insights into the current issues of ADAC Motorwelt are available to club members – also as an e-magazine.

ADAC Motorwelt: ADAC Motorwelt: Exklusiv for club members

Photo & video


  • Photo production
  • Video production


Since its redevelopment, ADAC Motorwelt has stood out for its large-format images, high-quality in-house photo productions with renowned photographers and modern illustrations. A centerpiece of each magazine is the celebrity interview shoot. In addition to the photos for the magazine, this also produces entertaining behind-the-scenes videos, such as with comedians Michael Bully Herbis and Rick Kavanian, which are used for social media promotion of the respective issue.