What is BORA Magazin?

BORA magazine is a magazine of the manufacturer of cooktop extractor systems BORA. It combines the depth of information of a catalog with the pictorial inspiration of an interior magazine.

We have been working with Storyboard for many years for the conception and implementation of the BORA magazine. Content is created in close coordination for two editions a year thanks to a finely balanced process workflow. Especially for the graphic implementation and the coordination of the 14 language versions, we value the experience of Storyboard colleagues.

BORA Marketing

BORA Magazine


  • Content creation print
  • Art direction (layout & design)
  • Project management
  • Photo & video production

Hard Facts

  • How often? 2 x per year
  • Distribution: Available at retailers, at trade fairs, in the store, and online as e-paper
  • Circulation: Published in German and 13 other languages


Each issue of BORA Magazine features a particularly beautiful home, always with the BORA kitchen. Alongside these captivating home features, readers can explore comprehensive product overviews, stay updated on the latest developments in product design, and delve into reports on BORA's sponsorship and brand initiatives. The magazine is published in 14 languages, catering to a diverse international audience.

Look into the magazine

Issue 01/2023

Issue 01/2023 focuses on the kitchen as a living space. In addition to new products such as the BORA X BO professional steam oven, the issue features Welsh photographer Finn Beales' center of life. The magazine also highlights the company's aspirations in international cycling - with a portrait of team rider and Giro d'Italia 2022 winner Jay Hintley.

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  • Photo production


Recommendations are the best advertising. That's why we show the products at BORA fans' homes. Our renowned international photographers travel throughout Europe to capture the homes of BORA customers in Home Stories. The results are exclusive pictures that reflect the flexibility of the BORA systems.