What is the Weiss Magazin?

The Weiss Magazin gives members of the Weiss Customer Club of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin exciting insights into the manufactory and the KPM product world.

"Storytelling at a high level paired with a knowledgeable and personable team results in content that's worth watching."

Martina Hacker, KPM BERLIN Management Board

WEISS Magazin


  • Content creation print
  • Art direction (layout & design)
  • Project management

Hard Facts

  • How often? 1x per year
  • Distribution: Mailing to customer club members


Storyboard has launched its own magazine, Weiss, for Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, which has been published annually since 2017. The magazine thrives on a captivating blend of high-quality photo productions and exclusive interviews. Each issue features insights from employees and longstanding customers. To highlight the connection to the manufactory's location and the vibrant city of Berlin, owner Jörg Wortmann engages in conversations with local artists and celebrities. The craftsmanship of the manufactory is not only showcased through the magazine's content but also reflected in its tactile design. The cover, for instance, features meticulous details such as embossing, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

Look into the magazine

Weiss No. 6

Weiss No. 6 magazine celebrates the essence of conviviality, emphasizing how porcelain unites people and creates cherished memories with KPM pieces. The issue beautifully captures various moments, including shared dinners, sporting events, and weddings, through captivating photography. Notably, photographer duo Stills & Strokes ingeniously transformed KPM vases into cones, while Studio Likeness artfully staged wedding tables featuring different KPM lines.

You can find the complete magazine here



  • Photo production


The centerpiece of each issue of the Weiss magazine are high-quality still life shoots in which the porcelain is staged in a special way. To underline the manufactory's connection to the capital, these are realized with renowned Berlin photographers. Many of the productions also take place in the manufactory - and thus give readers exclusive insights.