Motel One

What is One Design?

The One Design Magazin is the customer magazine of Motel One, which is dedicated to the special interior and design of the hotel group. One Design brings readers closer to the special features of the individual hotels and their respective locations.

"At One Design, you can feel the passion we put into our hotels. It's a wonderful implementation that can only come from a team that has a passion for storytelling."

Ursula Schelle-Müller, CMO Motel One GmbH

One Design Magazin


  • Content creation print
  • Relaunch & redesign
  • Project management

Hard facts

  • How often? 2 x per year
  • Distribution: Display in Motel One properties worldwide + download via the website


The collaboration began with the enhancement of the bilingual One Design Magazine. Each issue revolves around three design stories, highlighting the interior concepts of the featured hotels. To ignite curiosity and inspire guests to explore Motel One hotels, the magazine also includes a blend of personal recommendations from Motel One employees, sightseeing tips, and interviews with artists and designers. It serves as a comprehensive guide, enticing readers to immerse themselves in the world of Motel One.

Look into the magazine

One Design 15

One Design 15 marks a significant milestone as it introduces Motel One properties and a hotel from the new brand, The Cloud One. The magazine's art direction has evolved to visually differentiate between the two hotel brands while maintaining a consistent content concept. Employees, designers, and artists were consulted to provide insights into the new hotel in New York and the hotels in Innsbruck and Hanover. For digital connectivity, topics were tagged with a QR code for an easy jump to the website.

You can find the complete magazine here

Online magazine


  • Content creation online
  • SEO optimization


For a holistic brand presence, we produce exclusive articles for the online magazine. These include detailed SEO articles, listicles and entertaining travel tips. We supply graphic supplements for a visually diverse presentation. The content is played out as part of individual campaigns (e.g. Feeling Fresh or Keen to travel green).

Photo & video


  • Photo production
  • Video production
  • Social media


As a content extension to the One Design 13 we produced an exclusive behind-the-scenes video by Linz artist Kartushka for the hotel chain's YouTube and Instagram account.