What is the Wellendorff Family Magazine?

Since 2021, we have been producing the eponymous family magazine for the Pforzheim jewelry manufacturer Wellendorff. The magazine combines insights into the manufactory with personal stories of very special pieces of jewelry and people.

"Storyboard is an agency with which we have built up great trust. They think empathetically about customer wishes, are always on hand to offer advice, are always approachable and have a high level of implementation expertise. With them, we have a professional partner at our side who has its finger on the pulse and offers 360-degree communication from print to film to digital."

Claudia Wellendorff



  • Content creation print
  • Project management
  • Photo & video production

Hard Facts

  • How often? 1 x per year
  • Distribution: Display in Wellendorff boutiques, download via website


The Wellendorff family magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the jewelry manufactory in Pforzheim. To this day, the jewelry is handcrafted in the gold town - a feat of craftsmanship that is honored with the magazine. The magazine also includes interviews with prominent personalities from the luxury industry – and the personal stories of customers.

Look into the magazine

Contents of issue 2022

Up close and personal - that's what shapes the stories of each issue. That's why in the 2022 issue, the CEO of the family-owned company, Hanspeter Wellendorff, not only presents unique pieces made of feathery gold, emeralds and rubies, but also meets with personalities from the (jewelry) industry. In the 2022 issue, he met Kim-Eva Wempe, head of the renowned Wempe family business, and André Maeder, CEO of the KaDeWe Group, for a chat. But customers also have their say and tell the story behind their Wellendorff jewelry.

You can find the complete magazine here

Photo & video


  • Photo production
  • Video production


As an extension of the magazine, there was produced high-quality video material for the Youtube channel and the website of the family-owned company. For example, the video interview with André Maeder, CEO of the KaDeWe Group, gives readers a chance to get to know the magazine's protagonists and feel like they are there on the spot. As a multimedia supplement to the 2023 issue, readers can experience the ballerina Polina Semionova at the Deutsche Oper in the Staatsballett.