What is XPLR: MEDIA?

XPLR: MEDIA IN BAVARIA is an initiative of Medien.Bayern GmbH and is present as an online and print industry magazine as well as on social media. Its mission is to show Bavaria's diversity and attractiveness as a media location through exciting companies, innovative projects, and opinionated people.

"Storyboard's motivated and creative team makes collaboration a pleasure and every issue a success!"

Nina Brandtner, Editorial Director



  • Content creation print
  • Art direction (layout & design)
  • Photo production

Hard Facts

  • How often? 1 x per year main issue, 1 x to 2 x per year inserts plus online content for website and social media
  • Distribution: Inserts at newsstands in industry magazines, display at trade fairs


With "XPLR: MEDIA IN BAVARIA" we have been implementing a print magazine since 2020, which is published annually at the Munich Media Days and presents exciting, innovative cases from the Bavarian media industry. For the stories, we produce interviews and portraits including photo shoots and design the layout of the magazine. In addition, we prepare the content for specific channels and create graphics and animations for social media. In addition to the magazine, we produce an insert for trade magazines.

Look into the magazine

Contents of the current issue

Each magazine is dedicated to a trend that is shaping and moving the media landscape. In 2021, the main issue focused on "New Work," in 2022 on the metaverse. The first supplement in 2023 is devoted to the question of how media companies are reaching the young Generation Z on social media.

Selected stories from each supplement and main issue are played out on the XPLR: MEDIA IN BAVARIA website following publication. Online-exclusive content is also published there on a regular basis. Among other things, we produced a portrait with DAZN presenter Alexander Schlüter.

This and other articles can be found in XPLR: MEDIA's digital magazine.