What is the Megatrend Study Globalization?

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„We are delighted to have storyboard as the perfect publishing partner for our journey into reinventing futurology. Our aspiration is to make our robust and applicable findings accessible to as many people as possible in order to support them in shaping their future. storyboard's expertise helps us to bring complex developments to the point with suitable narratives in order to provide decision-makers in organisations with the greatest possible added value.“

Harry Gatterer, Managing Director Zukunftsinstitut

Megatrend Study Globalization


  • Content strategy and consulting, production
  • Content creation digital & print
  • AI image generation

Hard Facts

  • How often? 1 x per year
  • Distribution: Available digitally and can be ordered via the Zukunftsinstitut shop


In close cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut, we published this study both as a printed book and in the form of digital content. In addition to the editorial creation, we are also responsible for project management, graphics and image editing, including AI image generation.

What is the Megatrend Study Globalization?

Contents of the study

The process of globalization, which has linked more and more people, organisations and states worldwide, is at a tipping point. The aim of the Zukunftsinstitut's new Megatrend Study Globalization is to draw a clear picture of current developments in the context of globalization using scientifically sound methods.

It is intended to serve as a guide for decision-makers to discover and shape new paths in global trends. The study shows that we are at the beginning of an era of qualitative globalization. A global process that no longer focuses on economic growth alone, but more than ever on good, long-term international relations, social justice and sustainability, diplomacy and technological innovation.

You can find the entire trend study on the website of the Zukunftsinstitut.